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Case Study


Zeesy is an emerging women’s artificial jewellery brand known for its elegant and contemporary designs. They offer a diverse range of accessories that cater to a variety of tastes and occasions.

- Challenges

Zeesy aimed to boost its online sales and enhance its brand presence in a competitive market. The brand sought effective ways to reach a broader audience and increase its sales volume.


We implemented a comprehensive Google Ads strategy that included optimized search ads, Performance Max campaigns, and targeted display ads. Our approach involved:

Focusing on high-intent keywords to capture the attention of potential customers at the decision-making stage.

Utilizing Google’s AI-driven campaign type to automatically find the best ad placements and formats across Google’s entire suite of advertising channels.

Creating visually appealing ads that resonated with the target demographic, enhancing brand recall and engagement.


These strategic efforts resulted in:

Sales Achievement:

Zeesy experienced a 30% increase in overall sales, significantly expanding its customer base and market share.

ROAS Improvement:

The ROAS increased from 4 to 7-8, demonstrating a more efficient use of advertising spend and higher profitability.

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