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Case Study


KEF is a leading brand specializing in hijabs and abayas, offering a range of stylish and modest apparel for women. Known for its quality and elegance, KEF has established itself as a top choice in its niche market.

- Challenges

KEF sought to increase its return on investment (ROI) and solidify its market position amidst growing competition.


To achieve these goals, we focused on an aggressive Meta ads campaign that included:

Refining the targeting parameters to reach potential customers who showed a high interest in modest fashion.

Developing culturally relevant and visually appealing ads to resonate deeply with the target audience.

Placing ads in high-engagement areas to maximize visibility and interaction.


Our focused efforts led to impressive outcomes: 

Sales Achievement:

Russet achieved 8-figure sales, marking a significant milestone in its revenue growth.

ROAS Improvement:

KEF’s ROI increased by 35% in just 90 days, reflecting more efficient ad spend and higher conversion rates.

Conv. Rate

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