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Case Study


Jockey is a renowned brand offering a wide range of comfortable and high-quality undergarments and activewear. Known for its commitment to durability and style, Jockey has become a household name in fashion essentials.

- Challenges

Jockey aimed to decrease its cost per acquisition (CPA), which was relatively high, thus impacting its overall profitability and return on ad spend (ROAS). The brand sought to optimize its advertising strategies to achieve more cost-effective results. 


We developed a targeted advertising strategy that encompassed both Google Ads and Facebook Ads to enhance efficiency and reach. Key aspects of our approach included: 

Identifying and targeting specific audience segments more likely to convert, reducing wasteful ad spend.

Refining ad creatives and messaging to increase engagement and conversion rates. 

Implementing strategic bid adjustments to maximize visibility and cost-effectiveness during peak times.


Our strategies significantly lowered Jockey’s CPA from PKR 2,000 to a range of 600-800, thereby improving both ROAS and overall profitability:

CPA Reduction:

Achieved a substantial decrease in CPA, enhancing the budget efficiency.

ROAS Improvement:

The lower CPA directly contributed to an enhanced ROAS, allowing Jockey to reinvest in further growth and market penetration.

Conv. Rate

Client Reviews

“Our partnership has led to a dramatic improvement in our advertising efficiency. The strategies employed not only reduced our CPA but also boosted our ROAS, providing us with the leverage needed to expand our market presence more aggressively.” – FOUNDER Jockey